Welcome to Sherman County, Nebraska

Redistricting/Gworks-Clerk’s Tab

The Sherman County Clerk’s Office would like to introduce the new Clerk’s Tab on Gworks at https://sherman.gworks.com


Under the Clerk’s tab you will be able to find the Subdivisions and Districts affiliated with Sherman County.


During the State and County redistricting processes, boundaries were redrawn based on 2020 Census data and reflect a combination of State and Federal Statutes. The layer information on the Clerk’s tab is updated with the new boundaries and district or subdivision numbers.


The new County Commissioner and Voting Precinct boundaries for Sherman County are also available for viewing.


Registered voters living within the city limits of Loup City and who had a precinct change will still cast their ballot at the Loup City Community Center. The Election workers will direct you to the correct precinct to receive your ballot.


Those registered voters who had a precinct change and who will cast their ballot at a different polling site location will receive a new ID Card in the mail with your new precinct and polling site information.


All registered voters are able to check their polling site location, precinct and district information at ne.gov/go/votercheck


Should you have any questions, please call the County Clerk’s office during regular business hours 8:30a.m. to 4:30a.m. at 308-745-1513 Ext. 100.

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